Biopsy Care

Dermatology Associates of the South Bay
Amber Kyle, M.D.  – Krishna Patel, PA-C


Care of Your Biopsy Site

  • Keep bandage on for 24 hours.
  • Remove bandage and cleanse twice daily with running water and soap.
  • Apply Polysporin (double antibiotic) Ointment twice a day for 1 – 2 weeks.
  • You may cover area or leave open to air.
  • If your biopsy site has stitches, please do not shave over them.
  • Mild swelling, tenderness, bruising or bleeding is normal.
  • Bruising & Swelling can be helped by elevating area and applying a bag of frozen peas or an athletic ice pack wrapped in tissue to protect skin
  • For discomfort, you can take over the counter Tylenol
  • Mild bleeding can be controlled by applying 15 minutes of firm, uninterrupted pressure over the biopsy site

Contact Office for:

  • Bleeding that does not stop after pressure
  • Redness that is expanding after the first 2 days
  • Tenderness not controlled with Tylenol
  • If green discharge or pus comes from the biopsy site
  • Other concerns

**It can take up to 2 weeks to receive biopsy results.


Phone: 310-370-9970
20911 Earl Street, STE 310
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